Chiropractic and Wellness

Chiropractic and Wellness

Chiropractic and Wellness go hand in hand as a good chiropractor is so much more than simply a ‘back doctor’. Chiropractors are extensively trained physiologists who have a detailed understanding of the body’s systems and how to diagnose deficiencies, not only mechanically, but also chemically. Years of education in anatomy, human physiology, biochemistry, and neurology provides them with the tools to understand what is going on with your body from a variety of perspectives. Optimizing the body’s ability to function at its peak is the primary job of a chiropractor and understanding more than simple biomechanics of the spine is key to this.

Wellness is a term that is loosely tossed around in today’s world, but essentially it means ‘the state or condition of being in good mental and physical health’. Therefore, any external or internal stressors that deplete this condition are conditions that need to be understood and overcome. Dr. Stewart can diagnose your stressors, diet, biomechanics, posture, and other external and internal issues that are preventing you from maximizing your personal potential.

Physically, your spine operates not only as the interstate for all the nerves in your body, but also as a spring to help absorb the physical stressors of your everyday activities. These activities may be running, sitting, jumping, etc. Over the course of your life, your body will continue to lay down bone growth in the spine, more so at the areas of high impact. Regular chiropractic adjusting not only helps keep the central nervous system operating at maximum potential, but also keeps the spine moving correctly so that this bone growth, known for sclerosis, doesn’t overlay and eventually connect one vertebra to another. Thinking back to the spring analogy: when one section of the spring stops moving, the impact in the sections above and below are multiplied and thus the spring doesn’t function as a whole effectively. This increased force at the sections above and below the ‘stuck’ section will then have an increased propensity to sclerosis of the spine, also known as degenerative joint disease or DJD, and they will be the next sections to become ‘stuck’ and so on.

Regular nutritional and physical examinations and counseling along with preventative mechanical adjusting helps keep the body operating as it should and helps prevent degenerative joint disease in the spine. You shouldn’t wait until the engine blows before changing the oil in your car, so don’t wait until you have bad health, spinal issues, or general lethargy before seeing a qualified chiropractor.

Life is beautiful. Everyday is a gift and we should all wake up like children excited to tackle the day. After all, we live in Florida where many of our fellow Americans go to vacation! And we LIVE here! Not many of us jump out of bed EVERYDAY, but if you find that most of your days you have to drag yourself out of bed, are lethargic, don’t feel healthy, or just want to feel better – come see Dr. Stewart and let him help you be the best YOU – you can be.