For thousands of years, the human species evolved on complex diets consisting of whole foods from a variety of sources. With the advent of the twentieth century and the mass move to urbanization, food became a massive source of both necessity for those who didn’t produce their own as well as a source of income for those who produced it. As such, over the years the production of food has become more and more streamlined and profitable and the nutritional value of mass produced foods has become more and more diminished.

Nutrition is more than dumping calories into your body as if it was ‘fuel’ for your car at a gas station. Nutrition is about ingesting the proper nutrients in the proper quantities to produce the maximum output of energy as is proper for whatever your personal circumstance is. Eating 5,000 calories a day consisting of 65% complex carbohydrates may be optimal for a triathlete in the final stages of his training prior to the Iron Man, but is hardly appropriate for most of us who simply wish to perform better at Sunday softball.

At Stewart Wellness & Chiropractic, Dr. Stewart can discuss your personal nutritional goals with you and how to achieve them. Those goals may be to lose a specific amount of weight, to simply fit better into your clothes, to feel more energetic, or to train for a sport. Dr. Stewart is constantly updating his nutritional education with monthly continuing education courses so that he stays on the cutting edge of advanced nutritional science.
How you feel on a daily basis depends heavily on simply what you put into your body, so why not do it correctly? Call and let us make YOU the best version of Yourself.

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You ARE What You EAT